Juli Dirakis

Julián Victor Pezzani Dirakis
02 May 1987
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 9 11 6175 7465

Graphic Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012. I have nine years experience working with product teams in collaborative environments. Profession-wise speaking I consider myself as a hybrid resource. Besides my design background I developed knowledge as a layout developer, in order to offer an integrated and rich solution.


At Xapo I worked as a Product designer; It was a full-time remote job and I learned how it is to work in a collaborative environment with teammates all around the world with different time zones.

We used Agile Methodologies to keep all in track, Design Critiques every week and dailies updates. The full framework also included PMs, POs and a stretch work with the developersacross all supported platforms.

As a team, our biggest challenge was a complete revamp of the product. With Figma's help, we developed a library component to achieve better and more alignments results. 

Adobe creative suite, Sketch, Invision, Protopie, Dovetail for user research and Iterable were some of the tools we used. 


In RecargaPay I worked as UX/UI designer, we based the work mostly in A/B testing modality with the usage of data to create a better user experience.

As a layout developer, I worked for with HTML/CSS/SASS in Web/email notification and with XML in Android Studio.

I learned the usage of Git repositories and works cooperatively with devs in a weekly sprint structure.
Adobe creative suite, Mural, Trello, and Sketch were my main design tools.


My first experience in a product company was in Iphoideas as a Junior UI Designer. I used to create the assets for development implementation in all mobile platforms (iOS - Android - Blackberry).

I had my first approach with Agile methodologies and learned HTML/CSS and XML languages to work with the UI in development and solve graphics bugs after the QA process.

Since 2011

I worked and helped many companies and friends:

▪︎ Product Designer in “Tu Changuito” App
▪︎ Web Developer for Capdevila Maderas
▪︎ UI Developer for Clickon, Xapo, Taringa and Lemon

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